Float Boat can be whatever you want it to be


No space for a big boat? No time to delay? Get on and off the water in seconds!

Spend more time doing the things you love and less time setting up

Always fished land based and wanted to get to that inaccessible spot across the river?

Travel up rivers, creeks and shallow waters where others boats can’t go

Drop those crab traps down for the afternoon and come back later

Perfect for bass fishing, finesse fishing, trolling lures and slow speeds, sitting on edges and drop offs where the fish are holding 

Camping and Adventure

Throw the boat in the back of the car with space for the rest of your adventure gear

Easily store your camping gear inside the boat and travel up river to that secluded camping spot

Use the Float Boat to get across those hard to reach places separated by water

Throw a line in the water or drop some crab and yabbie traps in for a fresh meal

Explore natures benefits, get outdoors and soak in all the goodness our beautiful landscape has to offer. Rivers, lakes, ocean inlets, streams and dams


Want to go for a pleasant cruise down the river when you feel like it, without having to plan or prepare?

Sick and tired of lifting and dragging your tender boat on and off the water?

Problems with damages to your tender boat in heavy weather conditions?

Security problems with your tender boat? 

The Float Boat gives you the freedom to get on the water whenever you want

Minimal maintenance and easily storable

If you want solitude and peaceful surrounds, the Float Boat gives you the independence to travel solo, without hassle

Sustainable lithium batteries

Powered by lithium batteries, our powered Float Boat range uses a lightweight, efficient alternative to a lead acid battery option.

Not only does this battery have a greater shelf life, it charges faster, lasts longer and wastes far less energy. You can use 100% of the entire charge, even if you leave the battery for a long period of time without use, they retain their charge well.

Compared to a lead acid battery which typically rates around 300daily cycles, the lithium batteries will rate around 5000 or more daily cycles, making it well worth the price. Even on a reduced battery life of 5% charge, lithium batteries provide a constant voltage output giving you a stable power supply.

Lithium batteries are much safer, they are non-toxic and do not emit fumes or vapours and are composed of recycled materials - making them a ‘green choice’.

We got you covered!

Simply slide the Float Boat out of your car and setup up in no more than a minute, row out or power out with an electric motor to your boat, fishing spot or next adventure