What is Float Boat?

Has your lifestyle off the water ever stopped you from being on the water?

Float Boat Australia has you covered.

We took the saying "whatever floats your boat" and brought you the First Strike Float Boat - a boat that can be whatever you want it to be.

Whether it's a tender to transport you to and from your moored boat, a vessel to cruise up and down the river on your next camping adventure or a fully decked out fishing boat ready to catch the big one. Float Boat is designed for flexibility, convenience, easy transport/storage, and independence.

Float Boat's design allows anyone with minimal space for storage or transport the opportunity to own a boat that is ideally sized, lightweight and transportable in any car....even a small hatchback. 


Size does matter when it comes to owning a boat on and off the water. Our compact design allows you to store your boat away without being in the way. Not everyone has the facilities to store, let alone transport, a 3.5 m+ kayak or boat around.

The Float Boat is easily manoeuvrable at 22 kg. It is light and small enough to be picked up by one person hassle free. The boat is small enough to fit in the back of a small car easily, then transform the Float Boat into the preferred platform intended in a matter of seconds.

Light and Convenient

Material: High density UV stabilised polyethylene
Capacity: 1 person (maximum weight 150 kg)
Product weight: 22 kg
Storage dimensions: 1420 L x 690 W x 380 H mm
Assembled dimensions: 1420 L x 1210 W x 380 H mm


Depending on your preferences, Float Boat gives you the freedom to customise it the way you want it. Consider the base model a blank canvas for you to build upon.

Available kits and attachments allow you to deck out your base model, from extra stability for choppy waters, to additional comfort for adventuring. You give the boat your own personal touch. DIY your own accessories such as fish finders, rod holders, accessories to exactly what you need, the possibilities are endless.