Float Boat Custom Kit 1

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The original First Strike Float Boat is designed to get on and off the water quickly and easily. With the seat kit addition, you get added comfort and height ideal for fishing, camping or any boating adventure.

The First Strike Float Boat is compact to fit inside the back of a small car, requires minimal storage space and is lightweight to easily manoeuvre and transport.

Engineered for safety, stability and comfort, this vessel gives you the freedom and flexibility to take yourself out on the water whenever and wherever you are.

The option to select an extra-wide width (as opposed to the standard width) is designed for extra stability in choppy conditions and greater support. 

Complete Boat Includes

- Original float boat with two standard aluminium pipes 
- Paddle and oarlock kit
- Seat kit (seat + mount + pedestal) 
- Modification kit  
- Standard Seat Deck


Extra choices

- Widening modification kit



Colour: black and red
Materials: high density polyethylene, UV stabilised
Capacity: 1 person (maximum weight 147 kg)
Product weight: original first strike float boat 22kg

Storage dimensions: 1420 x 690 x 380 mm
Assembled dimensions: 1420 x 1210 x 380 mm