Cayman B GPS with spot lock

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This bow mounted trolling includes a wireless hand remote with a spot lock function which can be used with Helmsman app and Apple Smart Watch. Lock your boat into position via GPS tracking with the spot lock button.

Available in a choice of Black or White 


Control - Wireless FOB remote (standard), Wired Foot Controller (optional at $139)

Power - Max: 660W

Amp - Max: 55A

Depth adjustment: depth collar

Prop type: 50739 - 3-blade/9.3”, 50718D - 2-blade/11.4”

Prop speed at full power: 50700 - 1250 RPM underwater

Battery type required: (DC12V)

50700 - 1 x 100AH deep cycle

Battery status: 5 levels

Decibel level: 50dB

Shaft length: 50700 1370mm (54”) 

Shaft type: 50700 cast aluminium

Weight: 13.9 kgs

Maximum boat length: 50700 - 5.5M