Victron Blue Smart 12V 5A Battery Charger with Bluetooth

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Victron IP65 blue smart battery chargers:

The Blue Smart IP65 Charger is the new professional battery charger with built-in bluetooth. The Blue Smart IP65 Charger can be used on devices in your workshop and on motor vehicles, such as (classic) cars; motorbikes; boats and camper-vans.


- Water, dust and chemical resistant

- Seven step smart charge algorithm

- Potential recovery of fully discharged ‘dead’ batteries

- Automatic power supply function

- Severe cold performance: down to -30°C

- Several other battery life enhancing features

- Temperature compensated charging

- Low power mode to charge smaller batteries

- Li-ion battery mode

- Ultra high 95% efficiency “green” battery charger

- Setup and configure, readout of voltage and current by Bluetooth Smart

Warranty: 5 years